Helping Horses Stay Healthy

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Passionate about horses and elite performance we have introduced a comprehensive supplement range. Equitein are a research driven all-natural equine supplement company. Our launch product Equizyn contains a fully-balanced combination of ingredients designed to support maintenance and promote recovery following intensive training and performance. You can expect the following results:

  • Boosts anti-oxidant status
  • Speeds up recovery times between exercise
  • Reduces systematic and muscular inflammation
  • Promotes recovery from injury

All substances used in production and manufacture of Equizyn are 100% naturally occurring. Equitein operate within the guidelines set out by the FEI and at all times adhere to industry standards.

Equizyn is specifically designed to enhance the bio availability of your horse’s energy potential through optimising the stores of protein enzymes responsible for triggering energy release. This allows full potential to be reached during high performance.

In order to best suit even the most demanding training setup, Equizyn is offered in the following convenient formats:



ORDER: £57.00



Horse Supplement Powder for equine recovery following exercise.
ORDER: £57.00

Equizyn Pro Tablets

ORDER: £70.00

Equizyn Pro Powder

ORDER: £70.00

Support The Launch of Our Crowdfunding Campaign...

As a part of our Equizyn product launch we are supporting the World Horse Welfare Charity. Harrowing acts of animal cruelty, torture and neglect are inflicted on thousands of horses each year. We are here to put a stop to this. 25% of all funds raised through crowdfunding will be donated to the progression of this deserving charity. However you choose to support us, you can really make a difference. With your help, we can continue to improve the lives of horses for years to come.


The Supplement Choice
of Elite Riders…

The Equizyn range is fully tested and endorsed by elite equestrians, such as Zara Tindall MBE. The British Gold Medallist and member of the British Royal Family trialled the products in preparation for the Rolex Kentucky 4-star event with impressive results first time!